One of These Things is Not Like the Other…

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In the interest of releasing Influence before the end of the year and also releasing something that is not sloppily thrown together, we have decided that ‘Explore Alone’ will be better as a separate game entirely. There are just too many things about it that make it completely unrelated to multi-player and ‘Daydream’.  As such, we have reached a consensus (haha!) that ‘Explore Alone’ needs a major overhaul and it does not seem realistic to try to pull it all together by the end of the summer (our current self-imposed deadline.) That was our mistake last time and we are loath to make it again. As far as feedback has gone, no one is going to miss ‘Explore Alone ‘ in its current state. That makes this decision easier too.

As for progress, we have internet multi-player working (with chat!) So we’re definitely in the home stretch and hoping to have a new beta ready in the fall.

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  1. Good solution! Makes a lot of sense. Also am noticing that text in the comment box shows up the same color of the box itself – might want to check the .css. I thought it wasn’t working until I did a ctrl+a.

  2. Thanks Chelsea! The comment submission box is fixed now, nobody’s ever commented on their own posts before, so we didn’t notice the issue.

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