We’re Hiring!

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We’re looking to hire a PR/Community person at our studio. This person would be able to, when we release a game, go through their rolodex and in a week we’d have a dozen reviews and developer interviews on indie game websites. The rest of the time, this person would be a community manager, keeping our twitter feed, blogs, facebook fan pages, and website fresh and up-to-date, and building our fan community and interacting with the public.

A little about our studio: Blanket Fort Games is in Ithaca, NY, and we split our time between working on our own games and doing contract work, which is not always game related (our non-game work is done under the name ActionXL at, to supplement our revenue. We are still quite small, with only four full-time employees, but we have several exciting projects on the horizon, and intend to grow steadily.

If you are interested in this position, or know someone who is, please direct them to my email,

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