Influence Narrative

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It is a renaissance moment, an epiphany, a brilliant idea that takes root in your soul and colors everything you do. You are eager to communicate this idea to anyone who will listen. You address a group of your friends but they don’t really understand, turn away, and stop listening. It seems so clear and simple to you. You finally manage to get someone alone and describe your idea. They listen. They get it. They follow you. Now they are colored by it too. Together you have a greater voice. More people listen. They understand. They join.

Other ideas, contrary, competing, ideas that promote exactly the opposite of what you know to be true are also being promoted. Other voices, competing for an audience, move through the population trying to convert the masses to their movement. Converts work tirelessly to recruit new members, approaching them in groups and swaying them with sheer numbers.

Your world is filled with the rich color and music of diverse ideas being exchanged, debated, accepted, converted, rejected, and adopted. Some movements are fast but not coordinated. Other are slow and resistant. Some are very agile, quick to change course and join together. Your world is filled with the joyous and chaotic music of the renaissance. Each idea attempts to prove itself to be the only truth.

In the end there is no room for compromise. Only one philosophy will prevail. The rich exchange of ideas, the diversity of viewpoints, the unparalleled heights of discourse are finally dominated by a single, unified idea. The void is filled with a single note. The chaos is replaced with order and there is only one color.

Time for a new idea.

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