Influence Featured on RPS!

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I realize we’ve been letting this blog go fallow, but there wasn’t a lot of new content to post. There is now!

Also, look for future posts about our experience at MineCon.

5 Responses to “Influence Featured on RPS!”

  1. Hi!
    I didnt found any forum so i decided to write here. I downloaded the demo, but when i start the screem start flashing(black and white) and i hear some music. Is it a problem, because i use win7 64bit?

  2. We use Win 7 64-bit, so I don’t think that is the problem… It makes my screen flash momentarily, but then the company logo comes up and then the gamespy logo (you can click through these). After that the title screen.

  3. My screen just keep flashing, even if i push some buttons. Got the latest vga driver, xna, directx, etc. so dont know what is the problem.

  4. Could you tell us what graphics card you are using? It sounds like an issue with your graphics card, or an incompatability.

  5. geforce 8800gts, i got no problem with other games.

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